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Ajman Tourist Information

The diminutive Ajman may be petite, but it has a big personality and a bevy of scenic spots to enjoy, whether you prefer white sandy beaches or modern shopping malls. It's the smallest out of the seven emirates of the UAE, located along the Persian Gulf. Like the other emirates, Ajman has boomed in recent years, going from a sleepy coastal village to a cosmopolitan paradise. Ajman tourist information lists attractions such as Ajman City Centre mall and the Emirates City residential neighbourhood. ¶ Yet one of the best reasons to visit Ajman has been there all along: its impossibly picturesque beach and bright Corniche walkway. Locals and tourists alike can mingle here by the water, enjoying views over the gulf while savouring an ice cream on a summer's day. Here you can enjoy the more laid-back side of the UAE, without the breakneck developments and flashy side of tourism.

Things to do in Ajman

Beyond the lure of the Corniche and its white sandy beaches, there are a host of other things to do in Ajman. The Ajman Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the area's history. Housed in an 18th century fort, the museum then served as a residence for the rulers of Ajman until 1970. Today, it holds a treasure trove of tools, weapons, and archaeological finds from the region. The City Centre of Ajman is paradise for shopaholics, boasting hundreds of international and luxury brands. Inside this shopping mall you'll also find a full entertainment and cinema complex, along with air conditioning to help you beat the heat. The Fathima Shopping Centre is also filled to the brim with tempting shops.

Things to see in Ajman

In addition to modern shopping malls, try your hand at haggling at the Iranian Souk in the city centre. Here you'll find gold trinkets, antiquities, and locally produced wooden handicrafts. For one of the most intriguing things to see in Ajman, take a walk down the north side of the Creek away from the city centre to the boat-building yard. This is one of the largest dhow-building yards in the UAE, and you can imagine these exquisite hardwood ships in their completed states with sails billowing in the wind. Ajman also possesses two small inland enclaves outside of the city, including Manama and Masfout. Masfout is located 110km to the city's southeast. It is known for the abundant sunny yellow flowers of its "farfar" trees.

Ajman Transport

With a location right in the middle of the Emirates, there are many ways to access Ajman. It's only 10km away from Dubai, making Dubai International Airport the most convenient gateway for many international visitors. Sharjah's airport is also nearby, and both airports are easily accessible by taxi. Taxis are the Ajman transport method of choice, as they're easy to find and affordable. Look for shared taxis that wait for four passengers before departing if you want to pay a low fee. Guided tour buses are a pleasant way to see the sights of Ajman, particularly as many are air-conditioned.

Ajman Events

Ajman comes alive with a number of festivals, events, and holidays throughout the year. The UAE Desert Challenge is an exciting event that takes place throughout the country. This desert car, truck and motorcycle rally gets the adrenaline pumping out in the sand. A bevy of cultural Ajman events are held to celebrate the annual National Day, including fireworks, camel racing, carnivals, and special markets throughout the city. Ramadan is an important holiday throughout the Muslim world, with daily fasting. This is followed by the celebratory Eid Al Fitr holiday, which lasts for three days of feasting and gifts.

Restaurants in Ajman

Ajman's culinary heritage owes much to its unique position. Its position on eastern trade routes mean that an interesting blend of spices has worked its way into the cuisine, from saffron to cinnamon. ¶ The modern city centre boasts every type of cuisine your heart could desire, from Asian fusion cuisine to Mediterranean fine dining. Restaurants in Ajman along the Corniche are an excellent area to have a casual meal, with affordable prices and fresh seafood. Pay a visit to the Ajman Fish Market, where you can see the fishermen peddle the catch of the day to the city's restaurateurs.