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Conference location

Minimum number of rooms
Bn:BanquetTh:TheaterCl:ClassroomCn:ConferenceRe:ReceptionU:U-shapedOs:Open squareBr:Boardroom
NameMaximum capacityBnThClCnReUOsBr
Terrace room10060702470100303036
Panorama room4501601506010045050500
Duffelt 1 + 2350130160480120404050
Beuk room100601003060100444448
Room 22, 24 and 253003012200181820
Discussion rooms800000888
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Terrace room

Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 100
Theater 70
Open square 30
U-shaped 30
ClassRoom 24
Conference 70
Banquet 60
BoardRoom 36
Largest Capacity 100

Beautiful room of 80m2 adjacent to the terrace. The room offers stunning views over the lower lying polders Ooy and Duffelt. The Terrace Room can accommodate up to 70 people for meetings and dinners for up to 60 people.

Panorama room

Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 450
Theater 150
Open square 50
U-shaped 50
ClassRoom 60
Conference 100
Banquet 160
Largest Capacity 450

Spacious room with views over the polders and Ooy Duffelt. This room can be booked as one large room of 252m2, but can also multifunctional be divided into a maximum of six smaller rooms. So the space can be customized to your needs completely.

Duffelt 1 + 2

Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 120
Theater 160
Open square 40
U-shaped 40
ClassRoom 48
Banquet 130
BoardRoom 50
Largest Capacity 350

Spacious rooms suitable for meetings upto 180 persons. You can book the room as 2 rooms of 90m2 each, or as one room of 180m2. The meeting rooms have  a flexible intermediate wall which can be removed.

Beuk room

Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 100
Theater 100
Open square 44
U-shaped 44
ClassRoom 30
Conference 60
Banquet 60
BoardRoom 48
Largest Capacity 100

Our “Beuk” room can be divided into an area of ​​54m2 and 77m2 of space so that the room always meet your needs. Suitable for receptions or meetings upto 100 persons

Room 22, 24 and 25

Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Theater 30
Open square 18
U-shaped 18
ClassRoom 12
Conference 20
BoardRoom 20
Largest Capacity 30

Meeting rooms adjecend to our garden. Just a short coffee break during your training? Do not hesitate to walk into our garden and enjoy the nature. With their 54m2, these rooms are ideal for meetings and training sessions upto 30 people

Discussion rooms

Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Open square 8
U-shaped 8
BoardRoom 8
Largest Capacity 8

With their 20m2 perfect breakout rooms during your meeting. Also perfect to use as secretariat during your conference or as a meeting room for 8 persons.


Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 45
Theater 20
Open square 8
U-shaped 8
ClassRoom 10
Conference 20
Banquet 24
BoardRoom 10
Largest Capacity 45

You will experience a real homely atmosphere in our salon. This will ensure inspiration during brainstorming sessions or meetings. The room is 45m2 and can accommodate meetings for up to 20 persons.


Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 70
Theater 60
Open square 26
U-shaped 26
ClassRoom 24
Conference 50
Banquet 60
BoardRoom 30
Largest Capacity 70

This space is ideal as a reception area for your meeting or celebration. The initial elements of the old 'Villa Val Monte " are still recognizable. The Tudor Hall can accommodate up to 70 people for receptions or meetings up to 60 people.



Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 500
Theater 500
U-shaped 130
ClassRoom 250
Conference 350
Banquet 500
BoardRoom 150
Largest Capacity 500

Imperial ballroom offers an ideal venue for hosting gala dinner, events, meetings or social functions for up to 500 guest in the hall and can accommodate 1000 guests, when clubbed with the resort's lush green, well manicured lawn.



Layout / Setup Maximum Capacity
Reception 200
Theater 175
U-shaped 50
ClassRoom 250
Conference 100
Banquet 200
Largest Capacity 200

Dome offers an ideal setting for workshop.a management seminar, marketing ortraining session for up to 175 guests. We help you execute a seamless event delivered to your exact specifications.