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Dining & Restaurants

Guests at the Golden Tulip Hotel de Ville in Beirut can pick and choose from two in-house restaurants, both with welcoming vibes and a contemporary, lively atmosphere. Enjoy authentic Japanese food at Sushi de Ville, or a European feast at Café Rue 75.

Café Rue 75

Café Rue 75 is a trendy yet welcoming hotspot, conveniently located within the Golden Tulip Hotel de Ville Beirut. You can enjoy freshly made Italian wood-fired pizzas as well as a range of traditional Italian and continental European cuisine. Explore the fresh produce at the salad bars and create a meal that's made to order. Don't miss the homemade ice cream to cap off your meal.

Sushi De Ville

With a selection of vibrant sushi that's as easy on your eyes as it is on your waistline, Sushi de Ville offers a modern take on this authentic Japanese cuisine. Choose from sushi crafted from freshly caught seafood or a rainbow of vegetables.