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Golden Tulip Dana Bay

With the advantage of a prestigious location in the natural splendour of the Half Moon area, the Golden Tulip Resort Dana Bay offers guests 5 star accommodation along with the longest private golden beach in the Arabian Peninsula. Its tranquil setting makes this elegant resort the perfect place for a relaxing family holiday. Spend your days in luxurious surroundings with the long stretch of beach just outside your door.

The resort offers guests 276 5 star rooms to choose from, all in a desirable beachfront location. This includes villas and chalets ranging in size from one to four bedrooms. You can also choose to stay in an even more commodious five bedroom villa, with its own private swimming pool. With fully equipped kitchens and modern amenities, you'll enjoy all the comforts of home in the lap of luxury.

In addition to the luxury resort rooms and villas at the Golden Tulip Resort Dana Bay, guests can enjoy the private sandy beach right outside the door. You can also enjoy the high quality recreation facilities at the resort. These include various swimming pools, fitness centres, a water sports centre, mini golf, tennis, and a children's play area. Onsite restaurants provide stunning sea views and fresh cuisine from around the world, while business travellers can reserve meeting rooms for conferences and special events.

The luxury resort rooms at the Golden Tulip Resort Dana Bay are situated in an area of astonishing natural beauty. The Half Moon area is ripe for a wander along the beach at sunset. You can also arrange an exciting desert safari, or explore the bustling downtown areas of Al Khobar or Dammam City, both located about a half hour's drive from the resort.

Our customers' reviews of hotel Golden Tulip Resort Dana Bay

TripAdvisor note 2.5/5 based on 17 reviews
Nightshade_Angel 29 January 2017 Trip type Family
« Gateway of Family Fun »

We rented 2 Villas in Golden Tulip Dana Bay. The 2 villas were fully furnished, spacious and very well kept. The view to the sea was beautiful and the patio was relaxing while the kids frolicked in the sand and the slides. Dinner in their club house was superb, we ordered the Lamb and it was grilled to perfection. I salute the chef and complimented the manager for being pleasant and very accomodating. Breakfast on the other hand at their Dolphin restaurant wasn't at parr with the other hotels I've visited. They need to make their spread of food more inviting, their fruits are lacking and the selections aren't diverse. However, what this restaurant lack in meal, their waiters make up for it in service. They try to comply to your needs and are very warm and friendly. We check their swimming pool and it was exquisite, the ladies have a seperate pool with spa. You can also rent an exclusive pool for your family away from prying eyes. Aside from the pool, it also offers a recreation area that is very child friendly with billiards, arcades etc. Outside you can rent a bike, a golf cart, balloon slide or ride a bus for free. Exploring the place on a bus you can see their go cart area, mini mart, coffe shop, gift shop and the likes, and yes they also have a mini zoo. By the bay, sailboats or speed boats can be rented or if your not into sports you can just ahng out in their small huts along the bay and lazily watch the sunset. Indeed Dana Bay was a gateway for our Family Fun

Mouaz M
Mouaz M 11 September 2016 Trip type Family
« Worst resort ever »

For 19000 SAR during eid four nights. This is diffently the worst resort I ever booked with. The hotel is very old and the furniture is at least 15 years old. The bathroom smells really bad, there are no focus on details such as chairs or tables for out side patio. The main problem of this hotel is that it is too old and there is no investment in renewing it altho the astronomical figures this hotel is charging. All the beach facilities are old and worn up. No lights for the setting next to the beach. I feel this hotel is a scam since I found out they recently changed their name. Warning for the same amount you or less you can book much much better hotels. I would give it 1 out 10

Haya A
Haya A 01 May 2016 Trip type
« Very bad »

The place was very old and it did not have any good quality services and the mini market that they have was very expensive and it didn't have the basic needs and them restaurant was good for real but they are asking money for everything i mean we ordered a dinner from outside the resort and they refused to let it enter tell we pay 150 s.r and they tried many times to tricked us and increase the bill for no reason and if you are a female you can't take a club car or yacht without a man and I'm a woman and my age is 22 and they didn't let me take the club car tell my cousin who's 14 years old accept to sign the papers and this is very clear racism

LamaObeid 03 April 2016 Trip type Family
« Quiet During the Week »

We went here in February 2015. We checked-in during a weekend and it was very busy as there was an event for a pharmaceutical company. That day we asked for our chalet to be changed as the furniture in the living room was in very poor condition and all we could see from our balcony were the people attending the event and the tent pitched up blocked our view of the sea. They were not responsive on the phone, so we actually had to drive back to reception to ask for a room change. We called the kitchen a few times to order food, but they did not pick up the phone and we drove about 45 minutes to the nearest restaurant then back. There are a few restaurants at the resort, but we decided not to go there as it was very busy. We moved to a chalet with a nicer view. We had booked a chalet with one bedroom, but we were three people, and no extra beds are given. The cleanliness is mediocre and the buildings are old and need to be renovated from the inside. We saw some of the buildings that had been repainted from the outside, but I do not know about the interior. On the weekdays it was more quiet and relaxed and we were able to go around and enjoy the views and the private beach. Most of the people who come here are conservative, so it seems women are still expected to wear abayas, although some teenagers were not. One women commented rudely and told me to close my abaya (she was a visitor with her family, and I do not think she had any right to do so) , so it would be nice if the resort was clear whether abayas are mandatory or not at their resort. Guests kept littering the beach area which was such a shame because it is a nice area minus the litter left behind. The guest who were staying in the chalet beneath us had a BBQ and the next day checked out and left all their rubbish outside. It would be great if there were people in charge of cleanliness and fines were given to people who littered, this way the resort and the beach will stay clean. There is a nice outdoor female pool and a private beach area for women, but you cannot swim in that part of the beach, just lounge. You can swim free of charge if you are staying at the resort and there are showers and locker rooms. There are also spa facilities which you can book. We enjoyed playing ping-pong at the recreation center and because there were not a lot of people during that time, we were allowed to play for as long as we liked. We also had pizza and pasta at the restaurant next to the recreation center. Also note to swim in the pool, you will need a swimming cap which you can buy at a store next to the recreation center if you have not brought one. The breakfast was good and there was a nice variety of salads. The resort is expensive for the quality it provides. If it were more clean and there was better customer and room service, it would be worth it.

Kareem O
Kareem O 18 March 2016 Trip type Family
« A day on the beach »

Very good place on dana bay at the end way of half moon beach..swimming pool and beach facilities .. nice restaurant .. day use permit with lunch. Crowded on holidays and vacations .. faaaar from dammam but worth the going for a day outside