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Turin city guide

Turin is a historic city well-known for its many art galleries, grand piazzas and baroque buildings. Home to the Turin Shroud, the city is nestled in the Western Alps in the far north of Italy and because of this beautiful geographical location Turin is one of the best places in Italy for winter and summer sports. Any Turin tourist information guide will tell you that there are many outdoor activities on offer in the mountainous surrounding region. Turin is famous for being the first modern capital of Italy. For this reason its streets have an elegant, almost aristocratic feel. Turin is very green, and its wide beautiful streets mean that it feels much less crowded than other Italian cities. Something a Turin city guide may neglect to tell you about, is that the magic of Turin lies in its fusion of history and modern day activities, the city centre is full of stylish bars and entertainment.

Things to do in Turin

There are so many sights to see and things to do in Turin. It is probably most famous for being the home of the Turin Shroud, and while the shroud itself is only displayed every 25 years you can visit Turin Cathedral where it is held and the Museum of the Holy Shroud to learn more about it. It is also well worth visiting Mole Antonelliana, the most distinctive building in Turin’s skyline. Housed underneath the massive dome and vast aluminium spire is the National Museum of Cinema, which plays host to a wealth of interesting cinematic artefacts. There is also the option to travel onto Mole Antonelliana’s roof where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city.

Things to see in Turin

One thing to see in Turin that you won’t want to miss is the central square, the grand Piazza Castello. This central Piazza has some the best examples of Turin’s superb baroque buildings and is well worth a look. Unexpectedly, Turin also has one of the best collections of Egyptian artefacts outside of Cairo. The Egyptian Museum is well worth exploring when you have a free afternoon. If you want to spend some time away from the bustle of the city, the Parco Valentino is an idyllic park surrounding a mock chateau, the perfect place for a lazy stroll on a sunny afternoon.

Turin Transport

Travelling to Turin is easy as the city has its own airport, the Sandro Pertini airport. There are frequent bus services between the airport and one of Turin’s main train stations Porta Nuova. The other large train station is Porta Susa. Transport in Turin’s city centre is easy to master as there is an efficient network of buses and trams that you can use to get around, along with the new fully automated, driverless metro line. It’s important to remember to purchase your tickets before you board. Most small shops and tobacconists sell tickets.

Turin events

There are many Turin events that it may be worth planning your visit around. Every year in March there is a mouth-watering two week long chocolate festival. The perfect event for chocoholics! The Turin International Book Fair is the largest book fair in Italy and is held every May. The Turin Film Festival in November is a fascinating display of both classic and up and coming cinema. The Turin International Jazz Festival in late April is always an entertaining event with many top class Jazz musicians from around the world on offer.

Restaurants in Turin

Like any Italian city Turin is a bustling hub of food culture. In the heart of the Piedmont region, the famous, traditional rich and creamy Piedmont dishes can be found throughout the city, accompanied by delicious Piedmont wines. Turin is also home to the new Slow Food revolution, with the first Slow Food festival Salone del Gusto held here every year. If you’re searching for traditional Turin food, look for restaurants that are included in the Sapori Torinesi club. Restaurants in Turin operating in this club have some of the best traditional recipes from around the region on offer.