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When in Rome: 5 classic things to do in 5 destinations

5 classic things to do in 5 destinations

When you are in a new city, there are often so many wonderful new things to try it can be hard to fit them all into your day. But sometimes there is one thing - a true classic - that is so deeply associated with a place, that you just have to sample the very best. From the finest croissant in Paris to the best coffee in Rome, via the best caipirinha in Rio, here’s our pick of 5 places to try the local classics when you’re staying at a hotel in town. When in Rome, as they say!
Paris, a croissant from Laurent Duchêne
There are croissants everywhere in Paris, but to if you want to taste the very best, make your way to the patisserie run by Laurent Duchene, winner of “Meilleur Ouvrier de Paris” (the highest distinction for a pastry chef). His shop is located not far from the centre of Paris, in the 13th arrondissement, and his croissants are probably the best you will ever try. Perfect with a coffee or for breakfast on the run, these croissants have a perfectly flaky texture and gloriously buttery flavour.
2 Rue Wurtz 75013 Paris
Rio de Janeiro, a caipirinha at Academia de Cachaça
After a day of shopping or lounging on the beach in Rio, there’s nothing more refreshing than an icy cold caipirinha, the emblematic Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça, lime and sugar. The refreshing tang of lime offsets the sweetness and the cachaça delivers a fiery punch. To ensure you’re tasting the very best caipi in town, make a beeline for the Academia de Cachaça (Academy of Cachaça) in Leblon, a short distance from your hotel. This is a fun bar with a great atmosphere, and they certainly know how to mix a great caipirinha. When you’ve sampled the classic cocktail, you might want to try some of the fruity versions, such as the passion fruit or pineapple caipirinha.
Academia da Cachaça- Leblon, Rua Conde Bernadotte, 26, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rome, coffee at San’t Eustacchio il Caffè
Coffee culture is an integral part of daily life in Rome. In this hectic city, coffee is not to be lingered over, but rather to be knocked back at the café counter. San’t Eustacchio il Caffè is one of the city’s most historic cafes, dating back to 1938. It’s housed within a former coffee roastery not far from your hotel in the centre of Rome. For a fully authentic Roman coffee experience, drink it the way the locals do, as a ristretto (a short espresso). You’ll be able to appreciate the intense flavour and the texture of the golden crema (foam) on the top.
Piazza di S. Eustachio, 82, 00186 Roma, Italy
Porto, Pasteis de nata at Nata Lisboa
Flaky pastry and smooth, creamy, sweet custard… the pastel de nata or custard tart is a mouthful of heaven. And while you’re staying at a hotel in Porto it would surely be foolish to pass up the opportunity to try this Portuguese classic. Head to Nata Lisboa, a little shop on Rua de Santa Catarina in the centre of town and savour the taste of these indulgent little custard tarts which go perfectly with coffee.
4000 124, Rua de Santa Catarina 499, Porto, Portugal
Morocco, Peppermint tea in the desert
If you’re after a truly authentic Moroccan experience, book yourself a room at the Golden Tulip Reda Zagora. Perfectly placed at the gateway to the Sahara desert, this is an ideal base for a camel trek into the desert. You’ll have the chance to stay overnight in a Bedouin tented camp. After a long day of trekking, there’s nothing more reviving than hot, sweet peppermint tea prepared by your local guides, and enjoyed among the sand dunes as the sun goes down.

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