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City & entertainment

Explore the world’s most well-known metropolises or uncover a hidden gem on a city break in one of our hotels.

City & entertainment offer

Get lost in a city’s bustling urban atmosphere, relax in its green spaces, or simply watch the world go by from a sidewalk café. People watching can be a thrill in a new city, where you can pick up on local fashions and customs as you explore its hidden streets, shops, and boutiques.

Naturally, you will want to see the major sights or venture up to the highest landmarks, which often come with rewarding views of the city skyline. Beyond sightseeing and shopping, there’s a wide world of entertainment and nightlife to enjoy on your next city break. Find out what’s on during your stay at our hotel and revel in the spectacle of a show-stopping musical or the intimacy of a live gig in a jazz club. From the world’s biggest pop stars to local DJ’s, unwind after a day of pounding the pavement by hitting the trendy bars and quirky music venues that make a city’s nightlife scene unique. No matter what your taste, you’ll find innovative ways to unwind and enjoy all the entertainment that a world class city has to offer.

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