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There’s nothing we love more than our little rituals to start the day off right. Whether in Brazil or France, everyone has his or her morning routine. But some rituals are deeply anchored in a country’s culture.

Breakfast offer

Breakfast à la française

Breakfast in France is often composed of the following: slices of bread (baguette, of course) spread with butter and jam, tea and coffee, all accompanied by a good fruit juice. Orange, apple or grapefruit, whichever suits you. But it wouldn’t be breakfast “à la française” without one of these world-renowned pastries. Croissants, pains au chocolat (or chocolatines, as they’re known in the South), apple turnovers, brioches and other sweet treats make breakfast in France a true moment of pleasure. A term that’s been in use since the 19th century, “petit-déjeuner” is still the morning ritual of French people today. While some French people prefer to eat it on the go, others happily allow themselves the pleasure of having breakfast on the terrace of a café. There’s nothing better than starting one’s day in complete relaxation. The archetypal French breakfast has for several years been entrenched in the French gourmet culture.

Brazilian breakfast

Brazilian breakfast, a delicate mix of sweet and savory

What does a typically Brazilian breakfast look like? Obviously it couldn’t do without coffee, its most cherished foreign import. Strong, served with milk or lots of sugar, there are multiple variations. And to accompany it, pão francês (baguette) with butter and ham, mortadella or even goat cheese. Another alternative to baguette? Pão de queijo (a cassava starch-based bread with cheese) or granola with yogurt. Fruits are not to be outdone, with papaya, mango or watermelon. From Rio to São Paulo by way of Salvador de Bahia, they are to be savored according to the season and to your tastes, of course.

Brunch conquers the world

Did you know? With its roots in Anglo-Saxon countries, brunch combines breakfast and lunch. It has become in recent years one of the most well-loved Sunday traditions across the world. Whether you’re in Amsterdam, New York or Bangkok, you’ll always be able to find brunch just around the corner Generally consisting of savory tarts, salads, pancakes, bacon, sausage, cheeses, pastries, hot drinks and fruit juices, brunch will satisfy both salty and sugary cravings. And you? Savory or sweet?

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