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Art & culture

Keep your finger on the pulse of the global art scene with a visit to some of the world’s most important cultural capitals. There are so many piece of arts you will love to discover while staying in our top hotels!

Art and culture offer

Browse through fine art galleries to view works from local up-and-comers, or visit famous museums housing everything from antiquities to contemporary art and the centuries of work in between. This includes blockbuster exhibitions from some of the world’s most famous creators.

You can take advantage of Golden Tulip art and culture getaways to experience more than just these museum collections. Stroll through urban centres to view fresh, innovative street art including colourful graffiti and modern sculpture. Soak in classical culture with a visit to a fine opera house or ballet theatre, or view performance art on the fringe in an underground coffee house setting.

You can even participate yourself with a visit to an artist’s retreat or workshop, learning new techniques and deriving inspiration from your travels or from the hotel that you can bring back home. Broaden your artistic perspective by immersing yourself in a new culture with our top art and culture holidays.

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