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EUR 59.7372

13 km from downtown 

A stylish boutique hotel in the heart of Dubai, the Tulip Inn Al Qusais Dubai Suites combines con


13 km from downtown 

A deluxe hotel in an exciting, up-and-coming part of the city, the Golden Tulip Al Barsha Dubai i


16 km from downtown 

Situated in the heart of Dubai's Knowledge Village, the elegant and modern 3 star accommodation o


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EUR 88.8286

54 km from downtown 

With a prime location nestled between two of the United Arab Emirates' largest cities, the Golden


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EUR 133.243

15 km from downtown 
Welcome to the 4-star Golden Tulip Thanyah Hotel Apartments in Dubai.
1 - 5 of 5 results found.
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Dubai Tourist Information

A glittering jewel in the desert, Dubai offers breath-taking contemporary architecture, world-class shopping malls and luxury everywhere you look. Stay in a Golden Tulip hotel in Dubai and you will be ideally situated to sample the culture and traditions of the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

After having been enthralled by the view from the top of the world’s tallest building, shopped till you dropped at the world’s largest shopping mall, been amazed by the gigantic water jets of the Dubai Fountain and intrigued by the historic artefacts at Fort al Fahidi, it’s time to unwind and enjoy the year-round sunshine on the city’s beautifully maintained, white, sandy beaches.
Choosing a hotel near Dubai’s top attractions will ensure that you get the most out of your stay in this stylish and cosmopolitan city that looks resolutely towards the future.

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Things to do in Dubai

Dubai's beaches provide a refreshing retreat from the heat. Try your hand at kite-surfing on Kite Beach or take a dip in the water at Al Mamzar. Strolling along the Dubai Marina is one of the most enticing things to do in Dubai. Its Jumeirah Beach Walk provides an open air market, live entertainment, and a number of restaurants. Shopping is taken to an elevated art form in Dubai's glittering shopping malls. Visit the Souk Madinat, which has its own waterway to transport you to and from shops and restaurants. The Mall of the Emirates comes equipped with an indoor ski slope, should you tire of the beaches outside. Dubai's dazzling Gold Souk is worth visiting, with its eye-catching displays of gemstones and low prices.

Things to see in Dubai

You can easily spend several days exploring Dubai's high rises, theme parks, and shopping malls, but there's another side to the city. The Bastakia Quarter is one of the best traditional things to see in Dubai, its labyrinthine corridors are lined with contemporary art galleries and cafes. You can see the medieval Jumeirah Mosque, with its elegant domes and stained glass. Pay a visit to the textile souk, rich with elaborate tapestries and saffron-coloured bolts of fabric. You can also explore the vast sands of the Sahara by taking a sand dune 4WD safari, or even soaring above them in a hot air balloon at sunrise. Seeing the sun's rays slowly awaken the shifting desert sands with light and colour is an unforgettable experience.

Touristic attractions

Fort Al Fahidi

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If you’re staying at a hotel not far from Fort Al Fahidi, you’re in the vicinity of the oldest surviving building in Dubai, dating from 1799. The fort now houses the Dubai Museum, where you can learn more about the fascinating story of how a Bedouin village was transformed in a few decades into an international economic hub. There’s also a section on ancient treasures unearthed at local archaeological sites.

Fort Al Fahidi Tips / Plan your visit
How to get to Fort Al Fahidi by subway
Take line MGm : get off at Al Fahidi.
How to get to Fort Al Fahidi by car
Go to Al Fahidi street.
Fort Al Fahidi Opening hours
Every day except Friday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.
Fort Al Fahidi Admissions Pricing
Full price: 3 Dh
Reduced price: 1 Dh

Photo copyright: scalatore1959

Dubai Fountain

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The world’s largest choreographed fountain system, the Dubai Fountain is an impressive feature on the Burj Khalifa Lake. Powerful jets shoot water high into the air, reaching a height of 152 metres (500 feet). During the displays the fountains can be seen from neighbouring buildings and from the promenade around the lake. Stay at a hotel near the Dubai fountain to catch the amazing orchestrated displays with music and lights each evening.

Dubai Fountain Dubai Tips/ Plan your visit
How to get to Dubai Fountain by subway
Take line MRed: get off at Burj Khalifa
How to get to Dubai Fountain by bus
Take F13: get off at Dubai Mall Landside 

Photo copyright: karenpritchett

Jumeirah Beach

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Base yourself at a hotel near Jumeirah Beach for the easiest access to the beach during your stay. Here, visitors can conveniently reach Jumeirah beach and the park that borders it, a green haven of well-maintained lawns and shady palm trees. The beach itself is a vast sweep of pristine white sand and crystal clear water, with changing cabins and sun loungers available. It’s a particularly beautiful spot at sunset.

Jumeirah Beach Tips / Plan your visit
How to get to Jumeirah Beach by subway
Line Mred: get off at Jumeirah Lake Towers 

Photo copyright: ShaoWeiwei

Burj Khalifa

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The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa overlooks Dubai from a height of 829.8 metres (2,722 feet). No visit to Dubai would be complete without a trip to the observation deck, aptly named “At The Top”. Choose a hotel near Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai for the chance to appreciate the breath-taking view of Dubai and the desert stretching to the horizon.

Burj Khalifa Tips / Plan your visit
How to get to Burj Khalifa by subway
Take line MRed: get off at Burj Khalifa
How to get to Burj Khalifa by bus
Take F13: get off at Dubai Mall Landside
Burj Khalifa Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday : 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Friday and Saturday : 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Burj Khalifa Admissions Pricing
Early hours : Full price : 125 Dh / Reduced price : 95 Dh
Prime hours : Full price : 200 Dh / Reduced price : 160 Dh
Evening hours : Full price : 125 Dh / Reduced price : 95 Dh

Photo copyright: franckreporter

Dubai Mall

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Shopping in Dubai is a cosmopolitan and all-consuming experience. With an area of over 55 hectares (13 million square feet) and over 1,200 shops, the iconic Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall by surface area. Staying in a hotel close to the Dubai Mall will enable you to take advantage of the many facilities at this complex, including 120 restaurants, an ice rink, the Dubai Aquarium, and 22 cinema screens.
Dubai Mall Tips / Plan your visit
How to get to Dubai Mall by subway
Take line MRed: get off at Burj Khalifa station
How to get to Dubai Mall by bus
Take F13: get off at Dubai Mall Landside 

Photo copyright: nevereverro

Grand Mosque Dubai

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The hub of religious and cultural life in Dubai, the Grand Mosque in Dubai boasts the tallest minaret in the city, standing 70 metres tall (231 feet). Non-Muslims are not allowed inside the mosque, however, the minaret is open to all visitors and you can take photographs from this unique vantage point.  Don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about religious life in Dubai, when staying at your hotel close to the Grand Mosque Dubai.

Grand Mosque Dubai Tips/ Plan your visit
How to get to Grand Mosque Dubai by subway
Take line MGm: get off at Al Fahidi
How to get to Grand Mosque Dubai by boat
Take line B1: get off at Dubai old Souq Marine Transport
How to get to Grand Mosque Dubai by car
Go to Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street

Photo copyright: Steve Rosset

The Island

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Part of Dubai’s emblematic World islands project, The Island is the first development on the man-made archipelago off the coast of Dubai to open its doors to the public. With bars, restaurants, beaches, a pool, volleyball facilities and kayaks for hire, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Staying in the Jumeirah quarter in Dubai, in a departing from Jumeirah One Fishing Harbour.
The Island Tips / Plan your visit
How to get to the Island by boat
Departures every 30 minutes from Jumeirah Fishing Harbor from 10:30 am till late.
The Island Opening hours
Every day from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
The Island Admissions Pricing
Full price access: 300 AED
Reduced price acess: 150 AED

Photo copyright: filiz76

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

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In the Bastakia Quarter, choose a hotel near the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. This is the place to learn more about local culture and traditions. The SMCCU offers tours of the Jumeirah Mosque, home made local-style breakfasts, lunches and walking tours of the Bastakia Quarter, as well as Arabic language courses.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding Tips / Plan your visit
How to get to Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding by subway
Take line MGm: get off at Al Fahidi.
How to get to Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding by bus
Take C7: get off at Abu Hail.
How to get to Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding by car
Go to Al Mussala Rd.
Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday: From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding Pricing
Walking tours of Bastakia Quarter : 65 AED
Brunch : 100 AED
Lunch : 90 AED
Breakfast : 80 AED
Dinner : 100 AED

Photo copyright: filiz76

Dubai Transport

Dubai International Airport is the home of local airlines Emirates and FlyDubai, yet it offers a wide range of international connections as the largest hub in the Middle East. Emirates Express bus service connects Dubai with the other six emirates of the UAE, and operates from several terminals in the city. There is also an international cruise terminal at Port Rashid. Dubai transport is rather sprawling and car-oriented. You can either rent a car for use during your stay or rely on taxis. There is a metro system currently being expanded, already covering a good percentage of the city centre.

Dubai Events

You'll find Dubai events on every month of the calendar. The Dubai Marathon is in January, with runners participating in the race for charity. January is also when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held. Although shopping is special all year round in Dubai, retailers pull out all the stops with sales and special events during this month. Music lovers will want to attend the prestigious Dubai Jazz Festival, held at Dubai Media City and drawing well-known international musicians. The Festival of Taste is another event held at Dubai Media City, although this one focuses on gastronomic innovation and cooking demonstrations.

Restaurants in Dubai

From celebrity chefs to street food, you'll find delicious meals to suit every budget. Many restaurants in Dubai make use of freshly caught fish and a rainbow of spices to create their own Arabic-Mediterranean fusion cuisine. ¶ The Dubai Marina is a good place to start if you're in the mood for fine dining. Should you tire of high end dining in Dubai's hotels and shopping malls, try heading to Al Dhiyafah Road for a plethora of cheap ethnic cuisine. You'll find packed, cosy restaurants serving authentic Lebanese and Indian cuisine in heaping portions, often accompanied by spicy curry sauces.