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Tulip Inn Saint Louis


The Tulip Inn Saint Louis, situated in the heart of the attractive and elegant Sao Luis area of Renascenca, will surely satisfy the needs of both business and tourist guests with its unique mixture of class, comfort, culture and style. The hotel grants you access to the very best Sao Luis has to offer in terms of cultural and culinary attractions, all the while providing a relaxing environment that provides the very best in comfort and convenience.

Fitted out with a total of 126 rooms that all come with a range of facilities such as air conditioning, high-speed internet and cable TV to name a few, your expectations, be it of business or leisure, are sure to be met in an emphatic style.

The city of Sao Luis offers more than you could need in terms of cultural attractions, natural beauty, restaurants and bars, though if you're looking for some comfort and top class facilities within instant reach then the hotel won't disappoint. Treat your body to a steam sauna, work out in the fitness centre or swimming pool, or relax in the hotel restaurant which is more than equal to even the best restaurants in Sao Luis.

Situated conveniently in the middle of the Renascenca area, the best of what Sao Luis has to offer is but a stone's throw away from the hotel. Enjoy the gorgeous Jansen Lagoon, shop till you drop at the Tropical Shopping Mall, and check out all the city has to offer in terms of cultural and historical attractions. The sheer levels of accessibility will ensure your stay at the Tulip Inn Saint Louis is a memorable one, whether you're in town to soak up the culture or get down to some business.

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