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Unexpected journey golden tulip hotels

Pack the Unexpected

From the Dutch, onverwachte reis, The Unexpected Journey refers to a stay where you no longer have to choose between work and play. Followers of this positive and relaxed lifestyle believe that you should have fun at every moment. Their motto: be prepared for the unexpected.

Unexpected journey golden tulip hotels

The Golden Tulip experience

Before every journey, the unavoidable time comes when you have to pack. The trip has already begun. You plan ahead: how many T-shirts do I need? You feverishly count down the number of days of your stay. And above all you think: don’t forget your phone charger.

But when you decide to stay in a Golden Tulip Hotel, everything changes. Everything is different. You’re no longer travelling, you’re about to have an experience.

Unexpected journey golden tulip hotels

Discover the unexpected

Embracing that special open mindedness, that art of living intensely in the moment, that mischievous spirit, that unique humour, that originality at all times. That’s the Golden Spirit.

This unique experience begins the moment you start packing.

How can you be sure not to forget anything and be ready to welcome the unexpected?

Golden Tulip,
Pack The Unexpected.

Unexpected journey golden tulip hotels

Playtime, anytime, but Dutch style.

At Golden Tulip, you’re the big boss, you deserve the very best! Need a rest? We welcome you into our cosy, designer rooms.

Time to work? Don't worry, take advantage of our many meeting rooms.

Had enough of being a hard worker and want to have a good time? Follow Tom’s example! Get comfortable, wave your hand and voilà, you’ve got a cocktail prepared by our talented mixologists.

Time to unwind? Why not go and have a look at the spa? If you're curious, ask the receptionist to show you the world's smallest social network. And yes, our unexpected stays can also be played in tandem.

golden tulip hotel

It’s playtime!

In the meantime, join the Golden Tulip community for some amazing experiences! On our social media, we have fun all the time, everywhere. With the #workandplaycontest, can you guess what our guests, Tom, Alexia and Houria did during their stay?

Then pack your suitcase for an out of the ordinary stay at Golden Tulip, with the #packingexperiencecontest. By taking part in our competitions, you could win a 2-night stay in one of our hotels and some goodies!

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