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New Delhi
New Delhi is the capital of India. A large amount of the city was designed as the administrative capital of Britain’s colonial empire by Edwin Lutyens. For this reason the architecture of attractions like Connaught Place reflect the grandeur and opulence of the British Raj.
New Delhi

Enjoy a luxury hotel in New Delhi

New Delhi is spacious with tons of places to drink, eat or just watch as the hustle and bustle of Indian life carries on around you. Delhi tourist information will tell you that the area is reportedly one of the oldest standing cities and political hubs in the world. Empire upon empire has been destroyed and rebuilt here. However, a New Delhi city guide may neglect to tell you about its vibrant and diverse modern culture. India’s capital is bursting with life in vibrant markets like Dilli Haat, with strong performing arts and culinary scenes. You’ll find it hard to squeeze everything into one trip! But a stay in our 3 to 5 star hotels in New Delhi is a great opportunity to have an exciting overview of this unique city.

New Delhi

New Delhi Transport

You can fly into New Delhi via Indira Gandhi International Airport; the Delhi Airport Metro Express can then take you into the centre. The New Delhi train station is well connected to other parts of India and is very central. Once you’re in New Delhi transport around the city is an adventure. The Delhi Metro is perhaps the best way to get around as it is both fast and fairly cheap. Our luxury hotels in New Delhi are close to a subway station, and about 14 miles from the airport. Above ground, the streets are generally jam packed, but an auto or cycle rickshaw can be good fun for a short journey.

New Delhi

Best things to do in New Delhi

For a fascinating insight into Delhi’s history, take a trip to the National Museum. The excellent permanent collections cover over 5000 years of Indian cultural heritage. One of the key things to do in New Delhi to really get a feel for its past, is a visit to Connaught Place. The massive circular street layout gives you an idea of the British Raj’s grand plans for New Delhi and is the show piece of Lutyen’s designs. Connaught Place is also a commercial centre for the current city so there will be plenty to see and do once you get there. The Chhatarpur Temple, dedicated to Goddess Katyayani, is quickly reachable from our luxury hotels.

If you want to get a feel for New Delhi’s modern culture it is well worth a look at the Lotus Temple, an astonishing monument of modern architecture. The temple’s beautiful flower-like shape and its open atmosphere as a Bahá'í House of Worship make one of the key things to see in New Delhi. For a more unusual day out, the International Dolls Museum has a very interesting (and at times a little eerie) collection of dolls from around the world, including some beautiful traditional Indian examples.