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Reuniones y eventos

A popular location for seminars, training sessions, and team building exercises, the Golden Tulip Khatt Springs Resort and Spa boasts a sizeable modern meeting room. This conference room can accommodate up to 80 guests, with audiovisual equipment available upon request. The resort's natural surroundings provide the perfect backdrop to any corporate retreats or team building exercises, and catering services are available to enhance your special event.

Ba:BanqueteJu:TeatroAu:AulaCo:ConferenciaRe:RecepciónU:Forma de UCu:CuadradoBr:Boardroom
Room name Mayor capacidad Ba Ju Au Co Re U Cu Br
Al Hajjar 80 60 60 40 40 80 26 26 26

Al Hajjar


Diseño/configuración Capacidad máxima
Recepción 80
Teatro 60
Cuadrado 26
Forma de U 26
Aula 40
Conferencia 40
Banquete 60
Sala de juntas 26
Mayor capacidad 80

Events are seamlessly hosted in our elegantly meeting room, fully equipped with the latest facilities and wireless internet access.