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Reuniones y eventos

The Golden Tulip Goa Candolim can work as the perfect venue for small to medium business events or parties. The relaxing atmosphere of Goa serves as the ideal setting for a cosy business retreat. Our meeting room can accommodate 70 people and is equipped with state of the art conference facilities.

We have specialised personnel on site who can help you with the organisation of your event and we offer conference packages to help your event run smoothly.

Ba:BanqueteJu:TeatroAu:AulaCo:ConferenciaRe:RecepciónU:Forma de UCu:CuadradoBr:Boardroom
Room name Mayor capacidad Ba Ju Au Co Re U Cu Br
Meeting Room 100 60 100 50 100 100 40 30 40

Meeting Room


Diseño/configuración Capacidad máxima
Recepción 100
Teatro 100
Cuadrado 30
Forma de U 40
Aula 50
Conferencia 100
Banquete 60
Sala de juntas 40
Mayor capacidad 100

Plan your next business meeting or corporate conference at Golden Tulip Goa. A cosy getaway for small to medium-sized teams looking for a relaxing offsite venue. Plan an annual meet, a training progra