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The Golden Tulip Bahrain is pleased to offer guests a variety of dining experiences, from late night pizza to fresh and modern Japanese cuisine. You can visit the international buffet at Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant, enjoy a cocktail in the C Club Sports Bar, or enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean in the hotel's southern European style restaurant.

Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant

The Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant is open in the Golden Tulip Bahrain for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This coffee shop serves an international buffet for all three meals, featuring favourite dishes from around the world. Special menus are also available to accommodate guests with unique dietary needs or allergies.


Experience authentic Japanese cuisine in the Golden Tulip Bahrain's Kei Restaurant. Food is prepared by experienced chefs who use fresh seafood and local ingredients to create a memorable Japanese meal.

C Club Sports Bar

If you're looking for an informal, relaxing evening, the C Club Sports Bar provides pizzas and light bites off of its a la carte menu. Entertainment includes live music, theme nights, and sporting events to provide a lively and engaging atmosphere.