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Le Tingis
This restaurant offers varied dining with friends or for a business meeting with its sophisticated cuisine and cosy yet lively atmosphere. Le Tingis can seat 160 people and opens for breakfast and dinner. Eat from the buffet or choose from the menu with a range of dishes, including local specialities. 
Le Tajine
This lovely restaurant with its intimate feel, low light and live Arabo-Andalusian music is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Moroccan food concocted by our chef, who favours local produce. He experiments with flavour, marrying ancestral traditions with modern touches to produce a timeless cuisine with subtle mixes of spices and the merest hint of sweetness. Let our virtuosos of the lute and violin accompany your discovery of Morocco’s rich culinary tradition.
Le Bistrot
This restaurant harks back to France’s influence with the atmosphere of a Parisian brasserie. With its intimate decor, including paintings by contemporary artists, Le Bistrot offers a chic environment for a top-quality dinner. A convivial feel, gourmet cooking from French gastronomic traditions and a selection of fine wines and cocktails guarantee a great evening for all.