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Flooded with natural light and offering a comprehensive array of modern conference and presentation equipment, the Golden Tulip Times' three conference rooms are the perfect choice for a variety of functions. Offering a combined capacity for 155 people, the rooms can be arranged to suit the needs of events ranging from photo shoots to business seminars.

The hotel also features a business corner which is supplied by free Wi-Fi, a printer, a photocopier and many other amenities to ensure you are able to keep up with your day to day work tasks.

Ba:Banketdo:TheaterKl:KlaslokaalCo:ConferentieRe:ReceptieU:U-vormingOr:Open ruimteBr:Boardroom
Room name Grootste capaciteit Ba do Kl Co Re U Or Br
BELVEDERE 12 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 12
PANORAMA 80 80 80 50 80 80 36 36 40
RONDA 40 0 36 24 36 40 20 20 28



Lay-out / set-up Maximale capaciteit
U-vorming 10
Onderwijsruimte 10
Raadzaal 12
Grootste capaciteit 12

Majestic view of the National Stadium & Muncii Square. Ideal for trainings, seminars, presentations, workshops.



Lay-out / set-up Maximale capaciteit
Receptie 80
Theater 80
Open ruimte 36
U-vorming 36
Onderwijsruimte 50
Conferentie 80
Banket 80
Raadzaal 40
Grootste capaciteit 80

Having a beautiful view to the Parliament House, "PANORAMA" is an incredibly generous space in which the natural day-light, mostly to the glass ceiling, gives an welcoming atmosphere strong impression



Lay-out / set-up Maximale capaciteit
Receptie 40
Theater 36
Open ruimte 20
U-vorming 20
Onderwijsruimte 24
Conferentie 36
Raadzaal 28
Grootste capaciteit 40

The modern semicircle construction makes "RONDA" a perfect place for press conferences, cocktails, product launches, symposiums, presentations, trainings, work-shops.