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Krakow provides plenty for the tourists, though if you're in the city for business the hotel's on-site meeting room facilities will ensure you're well looked after. The hotel's sole meeting room is fully equipped with all you need to put on a great function, and is also served by the hotel restaurant should you or your colleagues require some sustenance.

Ba:Banketdo:TheaterKl:KlaslokaalCo:ConferentieRe:ReceptieU:U-vormingOr:Open ruimteBr:Boardroom
Room name Grootste capaciteit Ba do Kl Co Re U Or Br
Meeting Room 50 30 50 30 30 0 25 30 30

Meeting Room


Lay-out / set-up Maximale capaciteit
Theater 50
Open ruimte 30
U-vorming 25
Onderwijsruimte 30
Conferentie 30
Banket 30
Raadzaal 30
Grootste capaciteit 50

Functional and Modern room