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Golden Tulip Weert, 4-звездочный отель в г. Weert

Golden Tulip Weert D S C

The Golden Tulip Weert is located on the edge of the city of Weert in the southern Central Limbourg province of the Netherlands. The hotel offers 60 4 star rooms and seven conference rooms for business and leisure travellers alike. Facilities include Wi-Fi and an onsite brasserie, but the real lure of the hotel is its convenient setting, allowing guests to cycle around the countryside or head into Weert for a day of shopping.

There at 60 rooms at the Golden Tulip Weert and these come in varying types: the Standard Room is suitable for single or twin occupancy; the Preferred Rooms have some additional facilities; and the Suites are great for business travellers, with their extra space, and for anyone who likes a few luxuries in 4 star accommodation, like the Jacuzzi and massage shower. All rooms have Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, TVs with in-house movies, and coffee and tea facilities.

The Golden Tulip Weert is a great hotel for both business and leisure travellers alike. There are seven conference rooms with Wi-Fi access for those on business trips, while guests with leisure time might want to sit out on the outdoor patio to enjoy sunny weather. All guests can enjoy dining in De Heeren van Horne, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the 4 star accommodation. There's also 24-hour front desk service.

Surrounding the Golden Tulip Weert are plenty of ideas for trips from the 4 star accommodation. The countryside outside Weert affords hiking and cycling routes through the Weert Woods, the Boshoven Moors and Laura Woods. In the city, there's shopping, restaurants (serving Weert's famous flans) and museums. If you're thinking about a day-trip, you can visit the charming little town of Thorn, or Maaseik, which is just across the nearby border in Belgium.

Our customers' reviews of hotel Golden Tulip Weert Hotel

TripAdvisor note 3.5/5 based on 144 reviews
AlexandraSt14 26 April 2017 Trip type Пары

Останавливалась в отеле на 4 ночи с молодым человеком. В лобби есть отличный вок ресторан - РЕКОМЕНДУЮ! ОТЛИЧНЫЙ ВОК. Нормера нормальные, стандартные, кое где требуется ремонт, кровать большая, удобная, много подушек. Ванная комната не очень большая. Уборка регулярная, качественная. Завтрак хороший. Стоит своих дерег, потому что в Нидерландах дорого все!

Nevada_Atata 18 September 2015 Trip type Пары
« неплохо »

Не один раз останавливалась в этом отеле. Неплохо, но могло бы быть лучше. Въезд на парковку очень узкий, и по стенам видно, что далеко не один автомобиль оставил следы своих красок на них. Лифт старый, да и сам интерьерчик тоже)) Пора уже обновить. Номер хороший, чистый. Завтрак за дополнительную плату, но хороший шведский стол.

EU4 14 March 2017 Trip type Путешествие в одиночку
« Quiet hotel close to the station »

I stayed here for 1 night. The main draw is that it is a couple of minutes from the station. The room was comfortable and quiet. Breakfast was the usual extensive buffet with hot and cold offerings. I didn't eat there in the evening as the restaurant is closed on Sunday evenings.