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The world may well have changed, but hotels have not. At the Golden Tulip Marseille Euromed, we have reinvented the travel experience by going back to basics, with entertainment, a wide range of services, working facilities and one or two surprises. Have we managed to pique your interest? We cannot help but share a little bit more with you, so let’s get right to it!

The outdated, former standards of the hotel industry have now become really great basics upon which to build!

• Because we want to make sure you are looked after and that you don’t waste any time, we are located at the Docks, at the heart of new Marseilles, with our feet dipped in the water
• Here we don’t make a fuss – you are the boss and that is final. So if you want to check in while lounging on a couch or to simply reorganise the furniture in the lobby, you have the keys to the castle
• Tired after your (very long) journey or just a little lethargic? Your welcome is accompanied by our secret little ritual - a refreshing local lemonade
• Because being offline is no longer an option, we offer high-speed Wi-Fi access (and promise that we will not find a reason to charge you for the service)
• Hunger can creep up on you so quickly, and we will be on hand to remedy this, whether you are a veggie addict, a connoisseur of fine food or a champion at guzzling down burgers.
• The restaurant, the lounge space, the bar and the terrace are available for your business lunches, your meetings, for a nap or a spot to capture a few selfies (or a combination of the above)

Why go to a hotel only for it to feel like you are still at home? We want to take you on a veritable journey:

• Upon you arrival, you are welcomed by a building designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Between you and me, it is often the case that the clothes make the man.
• In order to celebrate Marseilles, the capital city of street art, a mural by local artist Remy Uno extends the street into the lobby.
• And if you have a few minutes between a call and a presentation, take a tandem and visit the Joliette district.

We have also rethought our use of space, as nowadays people play in the office and work by the pool:

• “Where’s the lobby?” Our foyer serves as an extension of the streets of Marseilles, with a check-in that is, to say the least, check-in, a little off the wall…
• “Is this the way to the rooftop party?” It is difficult to tear yourself away to that business dinner when you’re on the rooftop sipping a pastis beneath the lemon tree… . You’ll be the envy of the town.
• “Is there somewhere to chill out?” Discover a lounge space that you can adapt to suit your needs, for a brainstorming session regarding the future of bowls or a conference call to Mars.
• “What is there to eat?” Given that you are only 5 minutes from the Mediterranean, it would be a shame to miss out on the Southern French cuisine concocted by our two chefs. The food is good and healthy and there is plenty of it on your plate.

Our customers' reviews of hotel Golden Tulip Marseille Euromed

TripAdvisor note 4.0/5 based on 365 reviews
Artur K
Artur K 10 April 2017 Trip type Бизнес
« Новый отель »

Отель похоже новый, номера удобные, светлые. В номерах чисто и убрано. Завтраки стандартные хорошие. Не понравилось как течет вода, плохой напор в душе. А также была сломана раковина, вода еле стекала. На просьбу устранить проблему никто не отреагировал. Еще не понравилась маленькая перегородка в душевой, когда моешься вода течет в комнату.

Evheniy L
Evheniy L 15 September 2016 Trip type
« Отличный новый отель! »

Прекрасное соотношение цены и качества. Просторные номера, большие кровати, все новое. В лобби отеля установлен большой проекционный телевизор, рядом бар, отлично посмотрели футбол ) хороший ресторан с умеренным ценами и претензией на высокую кухню.

Lin K
Lin K 27 August 2017 Trip type Короткий отпуск с друзьями
« Modern hotel »

The hotel is fairly new so we were a bit wary when booking year. It is located in the docks and not the port which we had thought it was. It is modern inside and the room was lovely and spacious. Some staff struggled to communicate in English and we did not have a great command of French (shame on us) so found that a bit of an issue. They had a quickly idea with the toiletries, you're given a bag to fill in reception, with a wide range

Anatlana 16 August 2017 Trip type
« Good hotel for one night stay »

Good hotel for one night stay as it is situated near the harbour, not in the center of Marseille. The hotel itself is beautiful, the food in the restaurant is delicious (it's great if you arrive late). The view is on the highway and harbour, but no loud sounds - your sleep is protected by the windows. The staff is very friendly.