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The hotel features a 40 square metre meeting room that resonates style and professionalism, simultaneously providing guests with the best in top of the range equipment and presentation technology. There's an overhead projector and video technology and, should it be required, professional catering services organised by a local restaurant. The room is perfect for business meetings, interviews, presentations and more.

ба:банкетЧт:ТеатрАу:АудиторияKo:КонференцияПр:ПриемU:Столы в форме UСт:Столы в форме ОBr:Boardroom
Room name Наибольшая вместимость ба Чт Ау Ko Пр U Ст Br
MICHODIERE 25 0 20 25 25 0 18 25 0



План/схема размещения Максимальная вместимость
Театр 20
Столы в форме О 25
Столы в форме U 18
Аудитория 25
Конференция 25
Наибольшая вместимость 25

For your business needs, a meeting room seating up to 25 persons is available with catering (on request). With daylight Equipment : Overhead projector,video