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Nestled into the majestic hills of Gammarth overlooking the bay, the Golden Tulip Carthage Residence offers guests

Hotel GOLDEN TULIP CARTHAGE TUNIS - Количество звезд: 5

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Inspired by classic Roman architecture, the majestic Golden Tulip Carthage offers 5 star hotel rooms in a postcard-
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La Marsa City Guide

La Marsa is a chic getaway in the north of Tunisia, known for its fragrant breezes, placid turquoise water, and white sandy beaches. Visitors have been enjoying this elegant resort town since precolonial times.A La Marsa city guide mentions that it sits on what was once the civilization of Ancient Carthage, founded in 814. Enjoy a seaside stroll on this ancient beach and you can soak up the history along with the sun's toasty rays. ¶ This relaxed suburb is also located in close proximity to Tunis, with its melange of bustling souks, squares, and colonial architecture. You can benefit from easy access to the city centre with all its cultural attractions, including the Carthage Museum and Dougga ruins, while enjoying the carefree attitude of La Marsa's friendly plazas and seaside cafes. At night, the suburb fills up with attractive young people who flock to its sophisticated nightclubs and lounges.

Things to do in La Marsa

Many visitors travel here simply for the sun, sand, and surf, making a trip to the beach one of the most popular things to do in La Marsa. Make your way along the weathered, whitewashed promenade to inhale the fresh sea air and admire the gleaming white sands below. Pay a visit to the city's Abdalliya Palace, one of the most lavish remnants of the Hafsid dynasty. Built at the dawn of the sixteenth century, the palace stands on La Marsa's ancient port site. Another example of ornate Hafsid architecture is the Bardo Museum. This 13th century palace has been fully restored throughout the centuries with the addition of vaulted ceilings, rounded cupolas, and glittering galleries filled with Roman relics and other fine art pieces.

Things to see in La Marsa

Travel a few kilometres away from La Marsa and you'll reach the quaint village of Sidi Bou Said, which is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. The blue and white colours of the buildings mirror the colours of the sand and sea, making the village a shimmering extension of the beach. Climb to the top of the hill for a view of the entire Bay. Whether you're into shopping or not, you won't want to miss the sight of the Souks in Tunis's city centre, which offer a wide selection of beautiful hardwood products carved by hand from the surrounding olive trees. The Medina is one of the most worthwhile things to see in La Marsa with its colourful mosaic tiles and grand doorways.

La Marsa Transport

Tunis-Carthage Airport provides links to many destinations, as does the ferry terminal at La Goulette. To get in to La Marsa, you can take the TGM light rail from Tunis. This metro line's hub is at the city's Place de la Republique/Place de Barcelone, connecting to La Goulette, Sidi Bou Said, and Carthage as well as La Marsa. Taxis, shared taxis, and a domestic bus line also offer flexible forms of La Marsa transport options. La Marsa itself is eminently walkable, but you will want to employ these other methods to see the multitude of sights in Tunis and beyond.

La Marsa Events

A particularly special time of year to visit La Marsa is during Tunamas, the local solstice celebration at the end of December. With twinkly lights, festive dancing, and widespread feasting it's a magical time to be right next to the Mediterranean. The Nights of La Marsa events bring the city to life with outdoor entertainment and live music, while the International Festival of Carthage bridges the gap between traditional Tunisian music, jazz, and modern pop. The Medina Festival takes place during the month of Ramadan, entertaining Tunisians each evening with religious chanting and music in the old Medina of Tunis.

Restaurants in La Marsa

The cuisine in La Marsa benefits from the abundance of freshly caught seafood. A typical dish in seaside cafes is grilled fish, served with a burst of fresh lemon juice. Many dishes are accented with harissa, a zippy blend of chili peppers, garlic, cumin, and olive oil. ¶ There are a number of restaurants in La Marsa along the waterfront, or venture along the Ave. Habib Bourguiba in central Tunis. This wide boulevard is renowned for its French sensibility and European-styled outdoor cafes. In the old Medina, you can sample fresh grilled meats, fish, and bread from atmospheric street stalls.