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The Royal Tulip Navi Mumbai has 5 varied meeting and function rooms that can cater for all types of event. We have Navi Mumbai's only high-end boardroom with video conferencing facilities. We have the large, versatile Majestic room that can be adapted according to your tastes and holds up to 300 people. There's also the stylish Aquamarine room, a room with glass walls over-looking the pool that is perfect for sophisticated cocktail parties. We have two additional traditional meeting rooms with access to our open terrace and conference equipment.

In every meeting room we provide a dedicated attendant who can help you with the setup and smooth running of your event. We have hi-tech audio visual equipment, sound equipment and an LCD projector for your convenience.

Ba:BankietCz:TeatrSa:Sala wykładowaKo:KonferencjaRe:RecepcjaU:W literę UOk:Otwarty kwadratBr:Boardroom
Room name Największa liczba miejsc Ba Cz Sa Ko Re U Ok Br
325 85 70 50 85 325 50 100 20


Układ/ustawienie Maksymalna liczba miejsc
Recepcja 325
Teatr 70
Otwarty kwadrat 100
W literę U 50
Klasa 50
Konferencja 85
Bankiet 85
Sala konferencyjna 20
Największa liczba miejsc 325

Royal Tulip Offeres in total 5000 Sq.Ft area to their guest in various shape and size of meeting space available . We can furnish with finer details at teh time of query and subject to avalibility .