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Dining & Restaurants

The Royal Tulip Navi Mumbai has a luxurious range of dining options. There is 24 hour room service run by our team of professional butlers, so you can have food brought to your room at any time of day. There's also a 24 hour coffee shop - Kahwa - that provides delicious teas, coffees and an international food menu. Our gourmet restaurant Mukammal is open for dinner and specialises in tempting Awadhi dishes.


The Mukammal restaurant is the first of its kind in Navi Mumbai. The restaurant prepares traditional Awadhi dishes such as kebabs, kormas and biryanis using the authentic Dum pukht style of cooking - slow cooking over a low fire. The menu if full of succulent, delicious dishes that you will love.


Our 24 hour coffee shop serves traditional and international tea and coffee and a menu of international cuisine.