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One of Belem's most attractive aspects is its location at the mouth of the Amazon River. It makes an ideal launching point for boat journeys into the Amazon, yet it also provides close access to coastal destinations.

Belem City Guide

With Belem's bohemian coffee shops, fragrant mango trees, and bustling marketplaces, you may just want to stay in town for the duration of your visit. As the capital of the state of Para in northern Brazil, Belem is a thriving urban centre. It was first established in 1616, and you'll see the crumbling grandeur of its original colonial architecture next door to modern office buildings. A Belem city guide will mention the majestic Cathedral of Se and the modern Convention and Fair Centre of the Amazon. Residents gather under the greenery of Belem's central park on weekends, when the city comes alive with music performances, outdoor theatre, and vendors selling street snacks. Some of the best places to try these traditional dishes are at the restaurants in Belem at Estacao das Docas, or in the renovated docks near the Mercado Ver o Peso. 


Best things to do in Belem

One of the first things to do in Belem is visit the Estacao das Docas by the riverfront. Here, you'll find renovated warehouses which have been transformed into colourful restaurants, bars, shops, and theatres. Travel down the bustling waterfront to the Mercado Ver-o-Peso, notable for its turrets and overwhelming displays of live animals, tropical fruits, and medicinal herbs. There are plentiful fine art museums in Belem, but one of the finest is the Museu de Arte de Belem with its contemporary oil paintings and antiques.  Catch a glimpse of Belem's beginnings by visiting the Museu de Arte Sacra, which is comprised of the Bishop's Palace and Santo Alexandre Church. Another example of intriguing things to see in Belem is the Basilica Santuario de Nazare, with its sooth marble columns, deep stained wood, ornate tile work, and abundance of stained glass. Like the rest of Brazil, festivals play an important role in the culture of Belem. The city bursts to life during the Cirio de Nazare celebrations in October, which is the largest religious festival in Brazil. The Easter carnival and Semana Santa are also important religious Belem events.


Belem Transport

The main airport serving Belem is Belem/Val de Cans–Julio Cezar Ribeiro International Airport. It links Belem with both regional and international destinations. You can also get to Belem by bus. There's a large bus terminal in the eastern part of the city providing coach links to the rest of Brazil. Boat passengers enter Belem at the passenger terminal at the northern end of the docks. Many of these boats offer leisurely cruises down the Amazon, with accommodations ranging from hammocks to air conditioned cabins. For local Belem transport, many residents travel by bus or the more informal mini buses.