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It’s Playtime.Anytime.

At Golden Tulip, we provide a playful outlook on life, work and travel, enriched by local culture.

Playtime. Anytime.

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Golden Tulip brand

OUR GOLDEN RULE: work hard, play hard

Who said to never mix business with pleasure? Not us. We say do it whenever you can. At Golden Tulip we see your stay differently, because every moment is turned into a chance to play. It’s not just a business hotel: it’s playtime, anytime.

Golden Tulip brand

THE TANDEMS: discover the world smallest social network

Our tandem bikes are bound to ring your bell! Sign yourself up for a joy ride on our not-so-common two wheels in town and begin your urban escapades. Sorry, what? You are by yourself? Don’t think twice, someone might already be waiting for you.

Golden Tulip brand

THE BODY CARE BAR: treat yourself!

Because no one knows you better than you do, we thought we might as well give you the opportunity to create the beauty combo that best fits your daily routine. Stop by the lobby, find our Body Care Bar and treat yourself… In partnership with la Compagnie de Provence.

Golden Tulip brand

THE BATH FOAM: Hi, Bubble Office speaking

A bath is supposed to be relaxing, but we just wanted to make it a little bit more fun… This cutie “bath foam” is magical, it will bring you travel in time, to find again your purest pleasure. Just remember that your inner child is still ageless. Friendly tip: Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. 

Golden Tulip through the ages

Chronoly Golden Tulip


Golden Tulip is owned by Jin Jiang International


Golden Tulip is acquired by Starwood Capital Group, and a strategic alliance is signed with Louvre Hotels


Golden Tulip introduces Royal Tulip Luxury Hotels, its 5-star brand


Golden Tulip introduces Tulip Inn, its misdscale brand


Joint venture with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Creation of Golden Tulip in the Netherlands