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Reuniões e eventos

The Golden Tulip Farah Marrakech is proud to host business visitors. The hotel is able to offer a distinguished meeting room for all of your events, which is capable of hosting up to 150 guests. This conference room is decorated in a sophisticated blend of modern wood accents and carpeting, and features a covered patio for coffee breaks. Business travellers can also gain access to audio visual equipment, high speed internet access, and office equipment to enhance presentations or meetings as needed.

Ba:BanqueteQui:TeatroSa:Sala de aulaCo:ConferênciaRe:RecepçãoU:Em forma de UQa:Quadrado abertoBr:Boardroom
Room name Capacidade maior Ba Qui Sa Co Re U Qa Br
BAHIA 150 150 150 70 150 150 60 150 30



Layout / Configuração Capacidade máxima
Recepção 150
Teatro 150
Quadrado aberto 150
Em forma de U 60
Sala de aula 70
Conferência 150
Banquete 150
Sala de reuniões 30
Capacidade maior 150

modern decoration with wood and carpet and connected to nice inside patio for coffee breaks.