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Attractions and activities near the hotel Golden Tulip Times

Activities or attractions

National Arena

completelly rebuilt in 2011 and with a total capacity of 55.000 seats and state of the art modern facilities, the National Arena is hosting major international football matches, concerts and international events

The National Art Museum

hosted by the Royal Palace, it enjoys an impressive collection of 70.000 works, in two major sections: "National Gallery" featuring Romanian artists and the International Gallery, including Rembrandt, Rubens, El Greco or Renoir masterpieces

The Old Center

around the Old Court ruins of the first city citadel dated back on the XVth Century, the area is bustling with a vibrant mix of old historical buildings hosting new shops, cafes, terraces and good quality restaurants

The Parliament House

world's 2nd largest building ater the US Pentagon, the huge building reflects the skill of Romania's best architects and craftsmen. open daily, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, with exceptions. hosts the biggest International Conference Center in Romania.

The Open Air Village Museum

fascinating outdoor museum featuring around 300 wooden and stone original houses that reflects the history and diversity of Romania's rural architecture and design from all regions of the country



Airports near the hotel

Bucharest (Otopeni)

: South-East
: 25 Km

Bucharest (Baneasa)

: South-East
: 15 Km

Motorways near the hotel

Driving Directions from the North

From Henri Coanda International Airport Otopeni, following the E60/DN1 European road to the south, after entering Bucharest city, one should go from Piata Presei Libere to Victoriei Square, down the Victoriei Avenue, then from Unirii Square taking the Unirii Blvd. straight through Piata Alba Iulia and down the Decebal Blvd. up to no.19 in Hurmuzache Square Muncii Square, where Golden Tulip Times is located.

Driving Directions from the East

Basarabia Blvd. up to Piata Muncii

Driving Directions from the South

From the European Road E85 Giurgiu Bucuresti, taking the Vacaresti Avenue,then the Mihai Bravu Blvd. up to Piata Muncii.

Driving Directions from the West

Coming down the 13 Septembrie Blvd up to central Piata Unirii, then straight to Piata Alba Iulia and further to Piata Muncii.
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