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Attractions and activities near the hotel Golden Tulip Farah Safi

Activities or attractions


The headlight of the CAPE was built in 1916, it always keeps its colour of origin.

Agouz Fortress

Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, this fortress is at 32 km south of Safi. Many historical writings spoke about the existence of a church and other buildings inside the fortress.

Ancient City

A variety of shops selling handicrafts and traditional clothes. Ancient houses are a pleasure to see too.

Cap Beddouza Beach

It is a seaside resort, wild beach.

Castle of the sea or Seafront Fortress

Built by the portuguese around the year 1508, it overlooks the port on the north and the Ocean on the west.

Cave Goraani and other caves

The Goraâni cave is located at 30 km North of Safi. It includes three galleries (1690 meters) characterized by rupestral engravings and remains of pottery dating from the Neolithic era. Other caves are located in the Eyir region(60 km N)

Dar Baroud

It was a center of weapon storage.The building is decorated with several paintings evoking the weapons.

Dar Es-Soltan

The high Kasbah or Dar Es-Soltan is a citadel built by the Almohades. During centuries, the monument underwent restorations and refitting by the portuguese as well as the Saadians and the Alaouites monarchies.


The forest of Safi has a great biological and ecological diversity. It comprises wild boars, rabbits, hares...... Its surface is 161300 hectares


It is a wild beach at 15 km north of Safi

La Kasbah Ben Hamiddouch

Situation: At 35 km south of Safi It was built in the time of king Moulay Ismail, 18th century


Mausoleum OULED BEN ZMIROU attracts a large gathering of Jews originating in Morocco and other countries. This religious pilgrimage is celebrated each year.

Oualidia Beach

It is a seaside resort having all the necessary facilities. It is famous of fish specialities especially oysters.

Portuguese Church

This cathedral was built by the portuguese in the year 1519.

Portuguese Ramparts

Ramparts surrounding the ancient city. They were built by the portuguese in the 16th century.

Pottery Hill

In the pottery hill, you can witness all the steps of how the pottery objects are made. Bellow the hill, many shops offer a variety of pottery objects for sale.

Pottery Museum

Exhibition of ancient pottery objects.


It is a seaside resort, wild beach


At 32 km south of Safi. It is a seaside resort, beach

Safi Beach

It is located in the city center not far from the harbour. It is surrounded by Sidi Bouzid Cliff.


The wave of Safi, famous worldwide, is an important attraction for International surf champions. It is one of 10 best waves of the world. This wave has capacity to form a tube over a very important length varyinig between 800 and 1000 meter

The Royal Reserve of Gazelle

At 80 km north west of Safi of a surface of 1987 hectares, this free entrance reserve was classified as a site of Biological and ecological Interest. It is one of the oldest reserves of terrestrial fauna in Morocco.

Airports near the hotel

Marrakech (Menara)

: North-West
: 150 Km

Casablanca (Mohammed V)

: North-East
: 275 Km

Motorways near the hotel

From the North

If you arrive from Casablanca in the North, follow the signs to city center, hotel is well indicated with appropriate Golden Tulip Farah Safi Signage

From the South

If you arrive from Agadir in the south, follow the city signage to the center, the hotel is then well indicated with appropriate Golden Tulip Farah Safi signage.

From the East

If you arrive from Marrakech in the east, follow the city signage to the center, the hotel is then well indicated with appropriate Golden Tulip Farah Safi signage.
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