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Attractions and activities near the hotel Golden Tulip Varna

Activities or attractions


Situated in the Sea Garden. You could see typical species of the flora and the fauna of the Black Sea.

Cathedral of Assumption

Cathedral The Assumption of the Holy Mother is considered to be an emblem of Varna. A Renaissance master built the church in 1866 in the manner of Petersburg architecture.

Sea Garden

The sea garden is an emblem of Varna, situated on 850 decares along the seaside, with a sun-dial representing a flying swan at the entrance. The region has been used for recreation and walks from the 1860s, and reconstructed in the 20th century.

The Roman Baths

Vaste remains from the time of the Roman Empire with the highest Tour preserved in Europe

The Theater

Theater where you could enjoy the achevements of the famous modern Bulgarian School

The Varna Opera

Beautifull building from the beginning of 20th century - in nowadays a place of performances and festivals

Varna Archaeological Museum - World s Oldest Gold

For more than 120 years, the Museum has constantly carried out archaeological investigations and excavations on various sites all over Northeast Bulgaria, reaching 100.000 exhibits representing the main Ancient Civilizasions of Europe.

Varna History Museum

The building of the museum was built in 1851 serving as a Belgian consulate, a hotel , a prison, a museum. It hosts an exceptionally rich collection. The Gold Treasure of Varna, dating back six thousand years ago is the oldest gold in the world.

Societe Generale

Societe General Headquarter

The Court of Justice

Place of not only business but also cultural interest representing part of the typical Varna architecture

The Harbour

The largest harbour complex including the Shipyard, Shipbuilding and the Passanger's and Cargo Terminals

The Municipality of Varna

Center of administrative and convention activities, located in a building representing the peak of the Socialist architecture.


Airports near the hotel


: East
: 7 Km

Sofia (Vrajdebna)

: East
: 465 Km


: North
: 150 Km

Motorways near the hotel

Driving Directions from the North

Entering Varna City, driving along the seaside on the Kniaz Boris I Blvd.,the first traffic lights to the right on Tzar Osvoboditel Str., the nexttraffic lights to the left on Maria Louisa Blvd., strait ahead, on the fifthtraffic lights - on the left side.

Driving Directions from the South

Entering from Bourgas highway, at the first traffic lights - in front on theleft side.

Driving Directions from the West

Entering from Sofia highway - road A2, till the Cathedral Assumption onVladislav Varnenchik Blvd., on the traffic lights - to the right on HristoBotev Blvd., on the second traffic lights - on left side.
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